Using a custom video thumbnail can boost your YouTube SEO ranking.

Keyword Research

Using video SEO techniques is a great way to improve your ranking. The first step is to identify the most appropriate keywords to use. You can do this by visiting authority YouTube channels and reviewing their videos. You can also use a keyword research tool to discover the terms that are most popular.

The video itself should be aimed at a specific goal. For example, if you’re creating a tutorial about surfing, you might want to use a title like “Surfing Tutorial: Learn to Ride a Wave Today!” It’s important that your video makes sense and is well-made.

Using hashtags

Using hashtags for video SEO can help you reach a wider audience and get your brand in front of your target audience. They can also help you get more views for your videos. If you want to learn more about how to use hashtags for video SEO, contact an SEO expert.


You can find hashtag opportunities by analyzing your competition, experimenting with keywords, and refining your hashtags. You can also use keyword research tools to help you identify relevant keywords that have a chance to rank well.

These guidelines prohibit vulgar language and hate speech. Videos that violate these guidelines will be removed from YouTube’s search results.

ranks videos

YouTube also ranks videos based on the title, description, and tags. If you want to increase your ranking, make sure that you include the keyword in the title, description, and tags.


Video descriptions are crucial for YouTube SEO. They appear in search results and persuade users to watch your video.


They also help Google understand the context of your video. You should include a mix of common and long-tail keywords in your description.

You’ll also want to include tags. Tags aren’t visible to users, but they can affect search engine rankings. You can find out what tags are popular by looking at the statistics on your YouTube channel. You can also search for videos in Google’s thumbnail carousel.

You can also use your target keyword in the file name. You’ll need to enter it into a few fields when you upload your video. You’ll also want to create a transcript of your video. This can help if you’re unable to get a high volume of views.

YouTube videos

YouTube videos are indexed by title and description. This is important for ranking, since YouTube associates videos with similar content. If you have a creative title and description, you’ll get more clicks and views.