Using a custom video thumbnail can boost your YouTube SEO ranking.


Adding hashtags to YouTube videos is a good way to boost video SEO. You can use hashtags in both the title and description of your video. Hashtags help people find your video on social media or in searches. They can also help users discover trending videos. These tags are important because they help YouTube understand your video’s content.

When incorporating hashtags into your video, make sure they are relevant. The ideal hashtag for your video is one that is highly relevant and not dominated by competitors. It can be a company name, motto, or tagline. YouTube’s auto-suggest feature can help you determine which hashtags to use. You can also use hashtag generator tools. They will give you data about hashtags, including the search volume and competition.

description field

The description field on YouTube allows 5,000 characters. If you have a 10-minute video, you should be able to fit a good description into this amount of space. However, if you have less than 5,000 characters, you may have to make a few compromises. You can use double quotes around phrases, or use longer descriptions.

important part

The most important part of video SEO is making sure that your video is properly hosted. You should also make sure that the video is not protected by a paywall, or you’ll run into issues.

You should also create a transcript of your video. The transcript will allow users to easily scan your content, which is good for engagement. It will also allow you to target more keywords. You can also include a link to your video on a separate web page.


Keywords also appear in the metadata of your video. These keywords should be placed near the beginning of your video description.


Creating a descriptive and attractive description is important for YouTube SEO. A good description will persuade viewers to watch your video, which will increase your SEO efforts.


You should also choose tags that are relevant to your video. Having too many tags can negatively affect your rankings.


You can use up to 15 hashtags on YouTube, but you should only use a few. If you use more than fifteen, YouTube will stop working on your video. You will also need to follow the guidelines for hashtags.

If you want to boost your video’s SEO, you should use popular hashtags. This will increase your visibility on social media and drive organic traffic to your video. When adding tags to your video, make sure you use a mix of long tail and focused keywords.

YouTube hashtag

The use of YouTube hashtags is important for content creators, marketers, and viewers. They can help videos rank better in search results, increase visibility, and give your channel more subscribers. You should keep the number of hashtags between two and four.